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Headshot of Rafael Hohmann

Rafael Hohmann – ​Born in Brazil inside the dungeon of a castle and moving to the United States at the age of six, Rafael Hohmann spent his young years reading, exploring abandoned mines, and drawing strategy maps to survive the oncoming zombie apocalypse. You can often find him gorging on sushi and trying to convince his wife to let him ​buy a dog. He is the author of the action-packed and best-selling Sunrider Saga and numerous short stories. Be careful, his style is fast paced and nearly impossible to put down.

His website: https://www.rafaelhohmann.com/

L. R. Bergquist – Phenomenal writer of the beautifully written The Black Vale and The Valley of Bones (Shadows of Cro series). Winner of the LTUE Symposium short story contest and a no-nonsense, almost brutal, Dungeon Master.

Her website: https://lrbergquist.com/

J. Arden Scott – Aspiring author hoping to publish his first book, Once Lost, in 2021. With five books in the series and counting, he knows the phrase “slow but steady” by heart. He is also strange and a ketchup connoisseur. C’est la vie!

Thomas Fawkes – Fantasy writer of the epic, space, and science varieties. A total nutcase about grammar, physics, philosophy, rationality, logical fallacies and biases, and history. He combines his knowledge in these disciplines to create unique worlds and stories. Also works as an experience architect, mapping out the emotions of users through an experience. If you see a man with a fine-trimmed beard and luscious locks, it just might be him!

His website: http://www.thomasfawkes.com

Samantha Marchand – Exciting writer of an intriguing portal fantasy series still in the works (working on book five currently). A brilliant mind for monster creation. Writes exceptionally hardened and believable characters who come from extreme and difficult childhoods, who, along with living in the present, have to deal with the horrors of their past. Last but not least, she is a mega fan of corgis!

Atelo Quill – An author whose ethereal literary creations originate from lucid dreaming. She is a competitor (if there was a competition for this) for the most voracious reader on this and other planets. With incredible insights and a keen eye for editing, the sky’s the limit for this talented writer. Along with writing, she is a concept artist for an animated series currently in development.


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