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Picking (Book Release)

Release Date: May 14, 2022

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Author: Samatha Marchand
Series: Picking

Sophie has spent her entire life in her remote, mountain village—picking strawberries, caring for her family, and getting home before sunset. All she wants is to keep her family safe, well-fed, and alive, and she doesn’t trust anyone to do it except herself. Work hard, waste no time, and everything will be okay.

However, the nightsnatchers that visit each night want full bellies, too. Fast, strong, and hungry, they’ll eat any living thing. No one knows where they come from, where they go, or how to kill them. All villagers are trapped, fated to live out their days under the nightsnatchers’ reign. After disaster strikes, Sophie’s family dissolves into husks of their former selves, and she yearns for a life free of nightsnatchers. Filled with grief and regret, Sophie leaves her village for the first time, determined to destroy every last one.

Nightsnatchers aren’t the only creatures lurking in the forest, however. Spirits, monsters, and fae all call these wild places home. Exposed and vulnerable, she must learn which are friends and which are foes, all while battling the terrors within her mind. To find the nightsnatchers’ secret and survive the ordeal, Sophie will have to turn to others, leaning on their strength to forge her own.

Life, The Universe, And Everything

February 10-12th, 2022

Provo Utah Marriot Hotel (In person once again!)

Rafael HohmanPanelist again!
L.R. BergquistAttendee, Networking
Thomas FawkesAttendee, Networking
J. Arden ScottAttendee, Writing Stuff

This year was fun, I think we coined the term Couch Con this year, although it might have been Dave Doering. Couch Con was a small and unofficial writing/networking conference during the symposium that spontaneously came into being within the hallowed hallways of the hotel.

Life, The Universe, And Everything

February 11-13th, 2021


Rafael HohmanPanelist!
L.R. BergquistAttendee, Networking
J. Arden ScottAttendee, Writing Stuff

The Valley of Bones (Book Release)

Release Date: December 11, 2020

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Author: L.R. Bergquist
Series: Shadows of Cro (Book Two)

Amalee Allaciah is finally back home after a harrowing winter spent at a secret academy for Thell mages. But she’s finding it difficult to adjust back to life as an Elentran lady while hiding the surging magic inside her. But when a mysterious illness hits close to home and people start dying, Amalee takes action, as she knows where to get a cure. Now, with an unlikely guide, Amalee races for the Doraden, the desert home of the vicious, cannibalistic Vashee. Despite facing the unknown, Amalee is driven by a single-minded determination: convince the Grand Alpha of the Vashee to give her shay-shay, a cure to… everything. There’s just one problem. The Grand Alpha would sooner see her dead than help her.

The Black Vale (Book Re-Release)

Re-Release Date: September 26, 2020

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Author: L.R. Bergquist
Series: Shadows of Cro (Book One)

Amalee Allaciah’s new roommate eats people…

Only a few weeks ago she was living a life of luxury in a castle with the royal family of Elentra. But that ended the day she manifested as a Thell – a Mage of Chaos.

Now, to keep from being hunted down and killed by the Ora – Mages of Order – she must survive nine months in the last haven for Thell; a dark and cold training academy full of intrigue and violence that houses a dangerous secret that will force Amalee and her savage roommate to rely on each other in order to survive.

A Rift in the Shadow (Book Release)

Release Date: May 5, 2020

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Author: Rafael Hohmann
Series: The Sunrider Saga (Book Three)

For death. For godhood. To feed our rage. It is why we kill. It is why we transcend.

Self-designated gods. Masters of the elements and mayhem. These are they: the Star-Children. Before them the world splits and groans. Nations collapse. There can be no stopping an all-out-war.

“A perfect mix of super-powers and fantasy!”

The Golden Agony’s maniacal plans are set. Anti-life prepares to cleanse Lenova. Not even the unity of millions can stop Mal’Bal. Not gods, nor kings, nor necromancy. But perhaps there is one last chance. There is a plan. It is desperate and dependent upon Finn SunRider finding the Splinter of Nullification. It is said it can negate the power of whatever it stabs, and the target is clear: the Lich-Lord. The journey is long and fraught with monsters and mysteries.

What of unreliable prophecies given by dead races? What of a shadow slithering within a dark world of dreams? What of the bracer upon Finn’s wrist, twisting his mind with fury and waves of heat?

While threats rise from all sides, maybe the greatest danger comes from one who does not wield an omnipotent power. Maybe it comes from a queen who has found the craving to reshape the world in her own image. Wahala is slowly unraveling the secrets of the bracers.

With war and ancient mysteries spanning lands of pure darkness to oceans without end, and from the depths of the world to the height of the stars, join in the exciting conclusion to the epic fantasy series that is the SunRider Saga!

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