See where members of the Four Seasons of Epic Fantasy crew will be and why

Superstars Writing Seminars

February 5-8th, 2020

Antlers Hotel
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thomas FawkesBeing a Superstar/Casually Talking to Famous People with Ulterior Motives.

Life, The Universe, And Everything

February 13-15th, 2020

Provo Marriot Hotel & Conference Center
Provo, Utah

Attending(the whole crew):
Rafael HohmanPanelist, Hopefully!
Atelo QuillNetworking, Learning
L.R. BergquistPanelist, Hopefully!
Nicholas PetrarchPanelist, Hopefully!
Samantha MarchandNetworking, Monster Making
Thomas FawkesInterviewing, Being Fantastic
J. Arden ScottLurking in Booths or Lazing About on Random Couches

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