Post #1: Welcome to the Four Seasons of Epic Fantasy!

We hope you enjoy your stay. Would you prefer the epic suite, the dark promenade, or the adventure deluxe room? JK, we ain’t no hotel.

I’m Thomas Fawkes, one of the founding members of this site and podcast. If you love reading, watching, playing, or doing anything with the fantasy genre, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to geek out about books, movies, RPG’s, video games, and more!

Be warned, we also wax intellectual and philosophical. So if you fear mentally stimulating conversation (interspersed with fart jokes), then you best be off! We’re here to have a good time!

Now, you’ll see by the title that we’ve got a bit of a focus. Epic fantasy. But, we’ll also be looking at:

  • Science Fantasy
  • Space Fantasy
  • Adventure Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Science fiction (you didn’t think it was gonna be only fantasy, did you?)

We’re going to be adding interviews, podcast episodes, blog posts, and who knows what else.


-Thomas Fawkes

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