Networking Ninja Strikes Again, and Again, and Again, and…

The Networking Ninja’s Latest Quarries

Just in case you missed it, Rafael Hohmann went on a networking rampage during LTUE. Here are three more interviews he had while at the conference this year (2019). I am going in reverse order of when he posted them to his site, starting first with Stacy Whitman, followed by Dave Doering, and lastly but not leastly, Aaron Johnston. Well done, networking ninja!

Stacy Whitman and Rafael

An Interview with Stacy Whitman: Founder and Publisher of Tu Books

The Illustrious Dave Doering

An Interview with Dave Doering, the Founder of LTUE

Aaron Johnston and Rafael

An Interview with Aaron Johnston: Author, Film Director, Editor

Thanks for all your hard work, man! These were great interviews of some truly great people. And thank you Stacey, Dave, and Aaron for being so willing to share some time and wisdom with each of us!

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