Rafael Hohmann, panelist LTUE

Just wanted to make a shout out to Rafael, a member of the four seasons podcast team, author, and friend.  He has accomplished what a number of our group has longed to do.  Be a panelist at a writer’s symposium, but not just any writer’s symposium, the Life The Universe and Everything-LTUE-Symposium in Provo, Utah.

Why is this a big deal?  Because it is a symposium of your peers, fellow writers who are all learning and trying to succeed in the craft.  Panelist are usually chosen from those who are successfully selling books.  It is almost a recognition that you are no longer just a writer trying to be published, or dreaming or of one day publishing.  You are the real deal, and you are meeting with some level of success at it.

So, with that said, Rafael is going to be sitting on five panels this year.  FIVE.  That is fantastic!  Oh, and I failed to mention he will also be in a reading with none other than the legend, and NY Times best selling author, David Farland, or Wolverton if you prefer Sci-Fi.  How cool is this?  He is finally presenting at the conference where we met.  Where we became the Four Seasons of Epic Fantasy.  Congratulations, Rafael!  I look forward to gleaning what insight you do share at the conference.

Here is the website for LTUE: https://ltue.net

(Shameless plug here, if you scroll down on the main page you will see next to Network, our group jawing about something-probably writing-last year.)

Panels for Rafael:

Short Stories, Novellas, and Novels: How Long Should Your Story Be?12PM · THURSDAY · ARCHES

The Future of Fantasy

Heroes and Villains: One and the Same?

Pointy Sticks and Fried Dough: Cultural Constants

What’s My Motivation?

Of course, and there is the Reading:

David Farland and Rafael Hohmann Reading:

He will also be signing his books:

Book Signing Event (6:30-8:00)

All of these dates/times are for Thursday February 13th through Saturday February 15th 2020.

Way to go Rafael and good luck!  You’ve earned this!  We will be there cheering (quietly, of course) for you.

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